Hi.. I’ll be sharing regular party planning tips on this new website and blog.

Although this is a website about children’s parties – most of what I suggest will apply for almost any kind of event.

My first tip, when selecting service providers and entertainers, is to choose professionals!

The key question is what does “professional” mean? It doesn’t necessarily mean someone who does nothing else for living.

It is more a question of attitude and priorities. A quick look at their adverts and website will tell you a lot. Does it look like they care enough to invest in their business or is it amateurish? How do they sound on the phone? Do they respond promptly to your requests?

There are also many practical and legal requirements – do they have insurance, is their electrical equipment tested, do they have risk assessments etc. You may or may not believe we live in a nanny-state and that these things are merely the result of too much red-tape. Reality is, they matter in today’s society – like it or not.

CRB/DBS checks are now no longer available to children’s entertainers. I have had them in recent year but the law has been clarified. They are now only available to those in regulated professions.

If you are hoping to hire a hall or venue for your event this is especially important as venues should (although they do not always) insist service providers have these things to cover their own risk.

It is essential you ask your venue in advance if these will be a requirement…

Here’s why – Last year whilst I performed magic at a wedding, I saw an upsetting situation develop.

The Disco arrived. The duty manager demanded to see the DJ’s electrical PAT testing certificates. Without this paperwork he would not allow the DJ to plug-in his equipment. Mr DJ didn’t have them.
The father-of-the-bride argued that no one had told him they would be needed – if they had he would have made sure all was in-order.

The manager stood his ground – as he was perfectly entitled to. The DJ went home and the evening was a flop.

The moral of the story is two-fold.

  1. Actively check what requirements a venue has
  2. Insist all service providers carry all necessary paperwork – in that case it can’t go wrong.

Professionals, those who care, will look, act and most of all prepare in a positive and proactive manner.

If they can’t answer questions about their credentials immediately – what does that tell you!