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If you’ve booked Marli The Magician for your party – you can now print your own invitations to make sure all your child’s friends know the details of the party.


I’ve kept the design simple so it will print well without using too much ink on most printers. You get to choose the type of paper or card you use!

By simply downloading and editing this file you can create personalised party invitations to print out yourself – entirely free!

Do you have Adobe?

You will need Adobe Reader software on your computer. Most of you will have that as standard or it can be downloaded for free here. You can also do this on your smart phone or tablet – just look for “Adobe Reader” in your app store… It’s  free too!

Depending upon which type of computer and browser you use (and some boring computer settings), you may be able to edit this file in your browser window or you might need to download it to your computer and open it with Adobe Reader. Either way you’ll need to work these bits out for yourself because Marli is better at magic than he is at fixing computers. 🙂

I’ve created two invites on a single A4 page, so you can either fill in the basic party details on both and print out the correct number for your needs and then hand write the names of your guests…


…fill in the names of your guests two at a time and print off personalised invites for everyone (if you have time).

I have left the basic field names as simple as possible to make it more flexible for you to say what you want, although you need to be careful to make sure all your text fits in the highlighted fields… Anything outside those fields won’t print.